Understanding and Applying 1X2 Bets

Understanding and Applying 1X2 Bets

If you have seen these wagers available at online bookmakers and wondered what on earth they are, you have come to the right place! It is one of the most popular stakes in Football and involves betting on the results of the game with three possible results, an away win, a draw, and a home win. Sometimes this market is also referred to as Full-Time Result, Match Wagering, and Three-Way Stake.

For example, the three outcomes for this hypothetical Football match are represented by 1, the home win, 2, for an away win, and X, for the draw. In the Full-Time Result market, Sydney Football Club is represented by the 1, because they are the home team. Brisbane Roar is the 2, the away team, and the draw is X. We will have Sydney FC as favourites at 1.36 and Brisbane Roar as the outsiders, with odds at 8.50. The draw is priced at 4.75.

This means that using a 100 bet, that a wager on Sydney FC to win would pay you 136 if they beat Brisbane Roar, and the latter winning sees a possible return of 850. The draw will pay out 475 if the game finishes tied. Because the 1X2 stake is sometimes also available as part of Handicap betting, as long as a draw is a possibility.

Combining Two of the Three Possible Results

You could blend two of the three possible results using a Double Chance wager. With this market, you would choose to stake on 1X, X2, or 12, which translates into a home win or draw, a draw or an away win, and a home win or an away win.

By combining two outcomes, you obviously have a much better chance of winning your stake, but the odds do take a hit. They would be higher in a normal 1X2 market.

Using the same match, Sydney FC vs Brisbane Roar, the differences in your possible returns look like:

  • 1X, Sydney FC or Draw, has odds of 1.083, so the return on your 100 bet becomes 108.30.
  • X2, Draw or Brisbane Roar, has odds of 3.20, so your return becomes 320 if either of these outcomes occurs.
  • 12, Sydney FC or Brisbane Roar winning, carries odds of 1.20, seeing you pocketing 120 if either team wins.

Using wager calculators freely available online, you can easily work out if it would be more fruitful to combine two of the three possible results using the Double Chance option or the normal 1X2 market.

Other Sports Using 1X2 Stakes

Now that you understand the bet more, it is obvious why Football is the most popular sport using this market, but it is certainly not the only one. Many sportsbooks will offer it on almost any team sport which has three outcomes as a possibility, the home or away win and the draw. So, you can apply your newfound knowledge to the next Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Rugby, or Tennis game you are interested in watching!