More Details about Nacho Libre Slot Online Casino Game

More Details about Nacho Libre Slot Online Casino Game

This is another movie based slot game from iSoftware, this time themed on the difficult to explain movie of the same title starring Jack Black. A wrestling theme such as this one needs to be done with flash, a lot of colour and a good amount of detail. With Nacho Libre slot that’s what they did, giving the reels an authentic air. With the symbols the wrestlers from the movie were featured, all except for the lead himself.

Betting wise this is a 10 pay line 5 reel slot with 3 rows. There is a selection of coin denomination and line bet size so the credit range is fairly broad. There is also an auto play feature that enables and disables autonomous spinning. As far as bonuses to Nacho Libre slot go, there is Wilds, multipliers, two selectable free spins features and an impressive top jackpot of 10 000 coins. For a rather strange choice of theme iSoftware have filled this slot with a fair bit of action.

The Reels and Symbols Supporting the Theme

So for those unfamiliar with the movie behind this theme the essential follow through is simply that this is a Mexican Wrestling style slot, with several colourful characters and a brightly ranged display. The sound effects support the slot thematically, and the backdrop displays two of the curious looking wrestlers from the movie of Nacho Libre slot.

These symbols and the graphics in general is well done and the reels are definitely adorned with care. Directly the symbols feature characters in large image form, these are the main featured ones from the movie and include the likes of Dynasty, Esqueleto, Sage, Rosales and Ramses, as well as smaller images alongside the different playing card symbols making up the smaller wins and the minor characters. Overall these captured the film’s fundamental essence and preserved the characters well.

Nacho Libre Slot Bonus Features and Jackpot

So with all the Theme related chaos and design fuss the bonuses almost got neglected, fortunately they’re pretty inclusive so were hard to avoid for long. To kick things of with Nacho Libre slot bonus features there is the Wild symbol. This symbol is the wrestling bell symbol and when it lands it sure is a knockout. Its primary use is as a replacement symbol that will switch for other game symbols when needed to help complete a win. This is always an appreciated tool in the slot world. Additionally there’s a 2 multiplier that accompanies this Wild and wins made with it.

The Scatter bonus triggers the two free spins features. Represented by the Nacho Libre slot and movie logo this symbol only needs to land anywhere on the reels in 3 or greater number to trigger the 2 free spin feature choice. Here players  can select between two free spin features, the 15 free spins and an expanding Wild that fills the reel every time a win is made with it choice, phew, or the 10 free spins alongside a 3 times multiplier.

The Jackpot is 10 000 coins and is triggered by hitting all the large image wrestlers, the main characters of the movie. This will grant the players the jackpot of Nacho Libre slot.