Introducing Scary Friends Online Slots to Casino Gaming Enthusiasts

Introducing Scary Friends Online Slots to Casino Gaming Enthusiasts

Scary Friends is a video slot machine game powered by Microgaming. This 5 reel, 3 row game has excellent graphics and a unique interface. The theme of Scary Friends is monsters; but not scary monsters as the name suggests. Instead these monsters are smiling and cheerful.

They resemble the monsters found in the Pixar movie, Monsters Inc. You will also win big by landing the monster symbols, which gives you more reason to like them. The actual reels appear slightly smaller than in other games because there is a big, friendly monster on the left hand side of the reels that is animated and will cheer you on when you win. As well as this, small furry monsters bounce around under the reels. The symbols are also in line with the monster theme.

Gameplay and Symbols in Scary Friends

The wagering panel and the control buttons for Scary Friends is found right at the bottom of the screen. It is here that you can customize your spins. For example, you can choose up to 25 paylines. You will also be able to decide how much to bet on a spin and whether you would like to use the autoplay option or not. The button, which guides you to the paytable, can also be found here. You are also able to gamble your winnings for a chance to double them.

There are a number of symbols in the game that relate to the Scary Friends monster theme. There are four monster symbols: a green monster with a big head, a pink monster, a fat orange monster and a monster with only one eye.

Other symbols include the regular playing card symbols decorated to fit the theme. These symbols also become animated when they are part of a winning combination. As well as the monsters mentioned above, the fuzzy monster from the side of the reel serves as the game’s wild symbol. This means that it acts as a substitute for all other symbols, except for the bonus and free spins symbols, in order to form winning combinations. There is also a scatter symbol. This is one of the small furry monsters from the bottom of the screen with the word ‘Free spins’ written across it at the best casino online for Canadian players.

Bonus Features in Scary Friends

There are several bonus features in Scary Friends slots. The first bonus feature is the free spins round. This round is activated when 3 or more of the scatter symbol appear anywhere on the reels. When this free spins round is activated you will notice that one of the small, round monsters at the bottom of the screen will begin to bounce around. The number of times that this monster jumps up and down determines how many free spins you will receive. You can win between 3 and 14 free spins. It is possible to re-activate the free spins round while already playing the free spins. You can also activate the Scary Friends bonus during the free spins round.

The second bonus is the Scary Friends bonus. This is triggered when 3 or more of the bonus symbols appear on the reels. The bonus symbol has all 4 monsters in it along with the words bonus. When this mini-game starts you will see the 4 monsters sitting on a wheel. You will need to pick which of the monsters you think will stay on the longest once the wheel starts spinning. The longer your choice of monster hangs on, the bigger your reward will be at