Heavy Metal Warriors Online Slot Game Described for Players

Heavy Metal Warriors Online Slot Game Described for Players

Online casino slots players looking for a slot game with a hard-core feel to it need not look any further than Heavy Metal Warriors Slot. iSoftware is the company behind this online slots game, and Heavy Metal Warriors Slot is inspired directly by the popular magazine Heavy Metal. The magazine contains themes of dark fantasy and erotica, and this has been brought forth in Heavy Metal Warriors Slot, albeit in a much more family friendly fashion.

Lower value symbols are made up of stylized letters and numbers, all bright and colourful. Symbols of a higher value, however, are shown as different female models, with most of them wearing over the top clothing or makeup.

Heavy Metal Warriors Bonus Features

While there are many combinations players can land in Heavy Metal Warriors Slot to earn winnings, some symbols can assist with spins or trigger bonus content. These symbols can land anywhere on the reels during regular spins, and like all other content, it’s all a matter of chance.

The first bonus symbol that players will come across often is the wild. The wild is displayed as a shield. The wild can only land on the three central reels, and works as a replacement or substitute for the other regular symbols on the reels. The wild, once landed, can help the player finish off different symbol combinations, and greatly increases the chances of winning.

The next symbol players will want to look out for is the bonus, which is the logo of Heavy Metal. The more bonus symbols that land during a spin, the more that the bet is multiplied by, meaning players can win far more than anything the regular symbols can give you. Additionally, the bonus triggers the minigame present in Heavy Metal Warriors Slot. In the bonus game, players will need to choose a box to unlock. Choosing the right box will reward players with a number of free spins, which begin playing automatically.

How to Play Heavy Metal Warriors Slot

Heavy Metal Warriors Slot is easy to pick and play, with everything the players need easy to locate. Betting couldn’t be simpler, with five options available, starting at minimum bet and increasing to maximum. These bets are set at a fixed amount, but players will find that these five options are all they need to play the game successfully.

Like selecting horse racing odds at https://ausbet.net.au/horse/ before wagering, after choosing a betting amount, players can then use the spin or auto spin option to begin spinning the reels. The spin and auto spin are essentially the same, except the auto spin allows players to choose how many times the game runs automatically.

Winnings are determined by what combinations land during the end of every spin, and different combinations along with the value of symbols can quickly add up to large winnings.

Heavy Metal Warriors Slot in Conclusion

There are not many slots games on the market that will appeal to fans of Heavy Metal magazine, and enthusiasts of the magazine and slots game will find exactly what they want in Heavy Metal Warriors Slot. As an added bonus, the game can be played completely free through a number of different online casino websites.