Having a Look at Disco Inferno Slot

Having a Look at Disco Inferno Slot

Disco Inferno, created by Mazooma, is a virtual pokies game. As the name suggests the theme of the game is based heavily on the disco era of the seventies. Everything from the symbol designs to the music is reminiscent of the dance floors of old, which is both to the games favour and its detriment. Sure, many people are probably pretty nostalgic for that era, the music, after all, was pretty catchy.

Others, however, look at the seventies with rolled eyes and bid the whole timeline good riddance, hoping never to see another pair of bell bottoms again. Whether you are in the former or latter category, Disco Inferno is an enjoyable online game playing experience. The five reel, five play line system is simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Plus, with the freedom to select individual play lines granted, Disco Inferno is about much more then just the disco balls and neon dance floors. It also happens to be a pretty enjoyable game.

Swinging Play Symbol Designs

Let’s face it; looking back the seventies certainly had some pretty questionable fashion. Yes, it’s certainly true that the fashion of all eras looks pretty dumb in hindsight, but the seventies really pushed a few boundaries. Regardless, in staying true to the era Disco Inferno has incorporated all the bad fashion it could get its hands on, offering a true to life disco experience.

The man with the huge afro, goatee and pink sunglasses is the most valuable in the game, offering a good payout amount if matched with himself the maximum of five times. Next in line is the pink neon word disco, which is also generous when matching the maximum amount. After this comes the chequered dance floor, the gold medallion, the platform shoes, and the star shaped sunglasses.

The remaining symbols are only of minor value, even if matching the maximum amount of five times. In order to really score big in Disco Inferno, the player must instead turn their attention to the bonus symbols, of which there are two.

Like Bingo Canada, Disco Inferno is available for mobile phone, desktop computer and tablet. Remember to get the correct version for the model of phone.

Disco Inferno Internet Slot

Massive Bonus Wins

The disco ball is perhaps one of the most iconic objects of the seventies, and survives even today in many dance halls around the world. In Disco Inferno it acts as the wild symbol, and will animate in sparkly, dazzling fashion if triggered. It may match with any other symbol to create a matching sequence, excluding the scatter symbol, which is by far the most valuable symbol in the game.

The afro and goatee man has already been mentioned, but he doubles as the scatter symbol in Disco Inferno. He can also match as a standard symbol, but if matching on reels one, three and five will trigger the bonus mini-game.

The bonus-mini game consists of a number of instant free spins being granted to the player. These spins will play out automatically, with the play area being transformed into a dance club. Lights will flash, music will blare, and the player will rake in some big wins.