Have Fun Placing Teaser Bets Online

Have Fun Placing Teaser Bets Online

A Teaser is a sports wager not unlike a Parlay stake. Both are bets made by choosing at least two events to happen. And, like a traditional Parlay, each outcome picked for your Teaser has to happen if you want to collect a return.

All multi-event wagers carry the potential to offer bigger winnings, but Teasers don’t generally pay out as much as Parlays do. Their attraction lies in the fact that they’re easier to get right. The main factor that separates these two stake types is that bettors are allowed to change Point Spreads and Over/Under total by between four and 10 points, depending on the sport and the Teaser.

How These Wagers Work

The key to understanding these bets is understanding how the point moving works. For the sake of simplicity, let’s use a six-point Teaser for a Football match. The original wager options are:

A two-team, six-point Teaser on the underdogs would see the Point Spreads changing:

  • Gold Coast United FC +9 at Melbourne City FC
  • Northern Fury FC +9 at Western City Wanderers FC

A two-team, six-point Teaser on the favourites sees the Point Spreads becoming:

An AU$10 Parlay with the original Point Spreads would pay you out roughly AU$27.70. An AU$ six-point Teaser would pay out AU$8.35. The same Teaser pays out less if the Point Spreads or Totals get teased by 6.5 or 7 points.

 The process for choosing totals on a Teaser is very similar. All online bookmakers usually make a variety of Teaser Cards available for Football season and these games can be teased by 6, 6.5, or 7 points. Certain online casinos offer 10-point Teasers, but generally only for a total of three sides and/or three totals. These stakes are sometimes provided for Basketball matches as well, but there are fewer cards for these games than there are for Football. These matches can be teased by 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, or 6 points.

How to Place These Stakes Online

 The internet is the easiest space to make one of these bets. All you need to do is choose your teams and the totals, select Teaser, and indicate how many points you want to tease. Online, the cards will show you the adjusted Point Spreads and Totals for every card. You just need to pick between two and eight totals and tell the bookmaker how much you want to bet. Press Submit, Confirm your wager, and you’re in!

What Payouts Can I Expect?

 Once you’ve placed your stake the odds paid stay fixed, no matter what kind of system your sportsbook uses. These payouts are smaller than the ones you’ve enjoyed from Parlays for the simple fact that they are easier to win. As always, when it comes to betting, the higher the risk involved, the bigger the reward. But sometimes it pays to play it a little safer!