eSports Betting VS Lounge Betting Online

eSports Betting VS Lounge Betting Online

Informal sites that allow for eSports betting, like the CS:GO Lounge, are very popular options for online gamers interested in betting to make use of. While there is nothing wrong with choosing to make use of sites like these, there is a far greater advantage to punters choosing to bet at an established bookmaker offering this kind of access instead.

The problem with informal markets is that they are just that –unofficial, and punters very often have no idea of who is operating the site, or what kind of fairness they can expect from it.

Punters making use of these types of sites for their eSports wagering are also often not provided with any kind of recourse should something go wrong, and may well find themselves out of pocket due to unscrupulous operators if they are unlucky.

There is also the problem of punters turning eSports in-game items into cash: players are not always interested in betting in-game items as a method of generating a cash return, but, those who do wish to do so often run into issues when they try to turn them into cash, since this can often become a tricky; time-consuming; dangerous endeavour.

Punters who move their eSports wagering over to mainstream bookmakers deal with these kinds of concerns in one fell swoop: they will be interacting with heavily-licensed and stringently-regulated operators, often in the form of publicly-traded companies, and this provides for a level of transparency that is just not possible otherwise.

Also, thanks to the fact that punters will be dealing solely in cash, there is no problem regarding the volatility of prices, and the hassle of selling in-game items is also avoided completely.

Opening eSports Bonuses

Every gambling promotion will have terms and conditions attached to it, fondly known as the fine print, and, although these terms are often minor, they are always significant. It is vital that punters read and ensure they understand these, and are advised to contact operators if they are unclear about any aspect of these at any point in time.

The two most common conditions that opening bonuses share at bookmakers offering eSports access are:

1. Expiration dates

Many eSports bookmaker bonuses are only available for a limited period of time, and may further need to be earned within a predetermined time period.

Playthrough requirements

Many bonuses require that the punter wager an amount relative to the bonus offer before the bonus can be put to use or withdrawn.

eSports Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are the main opening bonus model that online bookmakers make use of. The manner in which these typically work is that the bookmaker extends the punter a certain amount of cash, with the amount of this money generally linked to the amount the punter is depositing into his or her account.

As the punter then makes wagers on the site, the bonus money is shifted into a real cash format that can be bet and then withdrawn. We hope you find these tips useful when exploring the esports betting australia has on offer to punters these days.