Discovering Absolute Super Reels Slots By iSoftware Games

Discovering Absolute Super Reels Slots By iSoftware Games

When it comes to online slot games, there can be no denying the fact that many of them have adopted some of the classic qualities that traditional slot machines have. While they may have been adapted to suit the digital sphere in which they are based, a lot of them stay true to everything that initially helped contribute to catapulting slot games to the level of popularity that they now enjoy. Absolute Super Reels slot by iSoftware Games is the perfect example of this. This game is a variation of the slot machines found in traditional casinos and promises players a world of exciting additions and features to enjoy.

Overall Look and Feel

One thing that can certainly be said about Absolute Super Reels slot game is that a lot of time and effort has gone into creating the game’s graphics. The bold lettering that spells out the title of the game, accompanied by flashing lights, makes this game look as though it might just be an introduction to one of the world’s most famous rock bands. Furthermore, the colouring used on the reels are bright and unforgettable, with the purple, yellow, orange and tinges of blue certainly leaving an impression. Having said this, however, it must also be mentioned that the accompanying soundtrack is not at all what one would expect. Instead of powerful guitar rifts and booming drums, this game’s soundtrack is a fairly soft electronic number.

Slots Structure

When it comes to structure, Absolute Super Reels slot game is a little bit different to that of other online slot games mentioned here. This difference lies in the fact that players are free to choose whether or not they want to play this game over three or five reels. In other words, the have the flexibility to choose just how big the game gets. The game is classic and reminiscent of traditional slot games with just three reels and players can stick to this by playing between one and ten coins. However, should they wish to play across five reels, they will simply need to up that amount and play to a maximum of 15 coins.

The Jackpot

Who wouldn’t want to win the jackpot? The formula for winning Absolute Super Reels slot’s jackpot is a simple one, but players certainly need to have Lady Luck smiling down on them if they have any hope of a real shot at this one. To win the jackpot, players need to spin at least three of the game’s symbols, as well as the ‘+1000’ symbol, alongside the multiplier of 10 symbol, which must appear on the game’s final reel. This jackpot is a progressive one, so there is no telling what the exact value of this may be. However, this factor is sure to add some fun and excitement to the game as a whole.

Absolute Super Reels slot is based on traditional casino games of this kind but certainly has a lot to offer players in terms of additions and extra features.