Biggest Lottery Jackpot Records

Biggest Lottery Jackpot Records

With lotteries having run for so long in so many countries, there is a long record of who has won the lotteries, and how much the amounts have been. It is also interesting to note how large lotteries have got before eventually being won. The record that people keep track of least, and potentially the most interesting of all, is what happens to the people that win the jackpot amounts in the years that follow. In terms of the biggest lotteries in the world, the amounts have been absolutely astronomical, sometimes being as high as the billions before eventually being won.

In the United States the largest lottery ever recorded was a gob smacking one point five billion. Being as that there were three winning tickets, however, the sum was split up, with no instant billionaire being created. Furthermore, the jackpot amount in the United States is not paid in one lump sum, but rather in a number of small payments over many years. Hence, it is important to keep in mind where lottery jackpots are concerned in the US that the indicated jackpot amount is not the actual amount a person will instantly receive upon being a winner. In Europe, however, payments are made in one lump sum, with the largest to date being one hundred and sixty one million euros.

Lottery Jackpot Records – Persons

When one thinks about winning the lottery, they generally imagine that their life from that point on will be one long spending spree. A fact that people often don’t know, is that there is a long history of those winning the lottery landing up broke a few years later, and even committing suicide after losing all their money.  It may seem bizarre, but the truth is that winning an enormous sum of money can potentially be one of the biggest curses. First, one must consider that the amount, although seeming infinite, can quickly dwindle down if spent in a completely carefree way. How could one possibly burn through millions of dollars, or millions of Euros? Very easily, if one does not keep track.

Smart Money Management

A house is not just the cost of its initial purchase, but likewise the cost of keeping that house maintained, so it does not lose value. One may think that buying a million dollar house is a good investment, and it can be, but keeping that house worth its million dollars means preventing it from falling into disrepair. These costs monthly, quickly add up.

Now add the sports car that was bought, spontaneously, to the mix, and your monthly costs have gone through the roof. Any car that costs one thousand dollars to have a tyre replaced is an obscene money black-hole and not a smart choice for an oil baron, never mind the winner of a lottery. The least known lottery jackpot record is this; a reported sixty five percent of lottery winners are broke within fifteen years. So if lottery jackpot records are anything to go by, a winner of the lottery at should go by the golden rule of any sane gambler, or any sane person, for that matter; even winning the lottery is no guarantee of staying wealthy in the hands of the foolish.